The Scoop on CBD Skin Care

Have you noticed CBD is everywhere? Us too. You can find it in everything from potato chips to toilet paper (yes, you read that right). But don’t let the gimmicks turn you away from CBD-infused products with true potential for improving your daily life. This includes skin care. Keep reading to find out how it works, what to look for, and the benefits you can expect. 

The Science: how CBD affects the skin

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is made up of receptors found throughout the body; in our immune cells, organs, gastrointestinal tract, and even our skin. The receptors in our skin influence immune response, cell growth, and wound healing. Applying quality CBD products to our skin encourages a healthy response from these receptors. For a more in depth look at how this system works, check out Phytecs, "Introduction to the Skin's Endocannabinoid System" here.

Professional Grade CBD Skin Care Products: what to look for

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and absorbs whatever you put on it. If you wouldn’t ingest a CBD with lead or pesticides, you shouldn’t use it on your skin either. To find a safe product, look for CBD that’s been tested by a 3rd party. This is the only way to be sure of the potency and quality of the CBD used in the product. We also recommend full spectrum extracts for their entourage effect, or synergistic benefits. For more tips on identifying professional grade CBD, check out our Buyer’s Guide here
Finally, look for products that are made from natural ingredients and free from sulphates, phthalates, parabens, and petroleum. These harmful agents damage the skin’s protective barrier and have been linked to hormonal and endocrine disruption.

CBD and the Skin: The benefits

  • Inflammation and redness: CBD combats inflammation both directly and indirectly. It's naturally anti-inflammatory, and it works with the ECS to manage the immune response that leads to inflammation and redness.

  • Oil production: A healthy cannabinoid tone supports proper functioning of the sebaceous glands.  

  • Pain and itching: When balanced, the ECS can inhibit the development and spread of pain, along with suppressing the sensation of itch.

  • Free radical damage: CBD’s powerful antioxidant properties fight the damage from ultraviolet rays and pollution that leads to the breakdown of collagen. 

When our ECS is out of balance and endocannabinoid deficient, conditions such as acne, dry skin, inflammation, and eczema may develop.     

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