Medella Sciences LTD
Fact Sheet


Grown in the United States from industrial hemp, utilizing the entire plant (grown outdoors). Organic growing methods are used.




Full Spectrum CBD oil with no THC. The THC is removed, using a proprietary method.


People should not test positive for THC with our oil.


Full Spectrum CBD oil takes a lower dose than an isolate.


We have product liability insurance.


For potential health benefits, see brochure.


We extract the CBD, using a proprietary method that uses very low heat so the cannabinoids and terpenes are not burned off during the extraction.


Hemp seed oil, which has been sold for decades, does not have the hemp CBD extracts. It is used as a carrier oil in our Cannaba Naturals line.


CBD has an effect on our own endocannabinoid system, which is the most important regulatory metabolic system in our body. It increases our own naturally occuring endorphins.


When you add CBD to an opioid regimen, it does not contribute to respiratory depression.


Start low and go slow - The goal is to find your personal “peak”, without exceeding it. Start 1-3 hours before bedtime and titrate up every 1-3 days by adding 1 to 10mg. (Refer to dosing information). May increase dose to twice or even three times a day, if needed.

Once you do not experience additional benefits from a higher dose, go back to the previous dose. This means you will have exceeded your optimal dose.


The dose most people find optimal is between 10 to 25mg per day. The range is betwen 1 to 30mg per day (Refer to dosing information).


Remember that the dose is highly individualized and depends on many factors, including your personal endocannabinoid balance.


We have an acrylic display case, brochures, posters, and dosing information.


Pricing: Refer to Wholesale Price Sheets.


Shipping: Orders usually go out the next day, via FedEX.


We use a licensed grower in Colorado to grow and cultivate our hemp. They are approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.


Certificate of Analysis (COA): We do third party testing on our batches. Please refer to COA.

The Matrix is the sample submitted. Therefore, this is a tincture (Full Spectrum) specimen.

There are other cannibinoids and compounds in addition to the CBD in our product. Therefore, this is not an isolate. The sample is for a 1000mg bottle of our oil and tests within 5% (allowed variance) of 33.3mg/ml, which is what you want to observe under the concentration heading. The second page shows testing for heavy metals, microbials, and mycotoxins. Our oil passes all these tests.

The COA also shows ND (Non detectable) on THC (THCV, D9-THC, THCA, D8-THC, and exo-THC). Currently, Proverde only tests for what they have standards for, and can only report on the ones they have capabilities to test for. This pertains to cannabinoids as well as terpenes. There are over 120 cannabinoids that have been discovered, so most of these cannot be analyzed under the lab’s current capabilities. They will be able to analyze more in the future.


We have QR codes that reference the corresponding batch COA (Certificate of Analysis).